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Trolling spinners for salmon has gone big time. Just a scant few years ago, Tillamook Bay was the epicenter of salmon spinners
There is one more opportunity to let our voices be herd to help our fisheries.There are thousands of Cormorants nesting on a manmade island, East Sand Island, at the mouth of the Columbia and they are eating us out of house and home
There are troubled waters ahead. The Northwest Power and Conservation Council wants to cut funding for the tribe's hatchery programs, and without them we will be left with the states providing us fish, and we all know that the future of that isn't bright
I've not fished anywhere in the Pacific Northwest now for years but I know one of the places I'd put on my "Must Do" list if I was to get out there next week.That place is the one I talked about in my previous column
Did you get a chance to eat any of the summer chinook from the Columbia this year? I did and it was AWESOME! While I was at a friend of mine's house he pulled some out of his smoker. We devoured it! It was so tasty and packed with oil
Did you get a chance to eat any of the summer chinook from the Columbia this year? I did and it was AWESOME! While I was at a friend of mine's house he pulled some out of his smoker. We devoured it! It was so tasty and packed with oil
Andy Schneider 06/29/14
"Time and tide wait for no man," has been a saying I've only heard when one boater is describing another boater stranded by the tide. It's not that I don't attend Free Verse Poetry Meets and Idioms of Phrase Workshops and hear these sorts of clever quotes all the time
Ever dream of a cooler that can hold ice for up to 14 days? The Canyon Coolers 50-quart Outfitter is built brutally strong featuring a premium polyethylene RotoMolded shell filled with Huntsman High Density PU foam, made in the USA. This virtually indestructible shell has been known to stand strong while bench-pressing a 7,000lb truck, so it's certainly strong enough to take on anything the toughest conditions or any angler can dish out
I love to wade creeks and fish small ponds and lakes. Fishing knee deep and casting for bass brings back memories of when I was a kid, and it is still one of my very favorite ways to spend a summer day
I'll apologize in advance for this blog. But being I've got "at large" status, I'm taking the liberty to dive into some of the more uncomfortable spaces in our lives

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Jennie Logsdon Martin L.O.F.
(Licensed Oregon Fisherwoman)

July 24, 2014

Wondering if I was writing less than ever, I looked back into my archives. First thought: "My oh, my, but I have written on ifish for a long, time!"
Second an original intent on looking; No. I'm not writing less than ever. I do write less in the summer, it seems. I guess that's part of a fishers life. Not enough opportunity, at least for me, and at least, in the summer time.
If I were a tuna fisher woman, I'd have plenty of time to write in the summer, or maybe not at all, because I'd be so tired and worn out, most of the time! The rest of the time I'd be bouncing around off shore! At this point in my life, I get tired just thinking about what those sea fishers go through!
If only I were younger, tougher, and while I'm dreaming... had a yacht. If only... yes, then I would be a tuna fisher! A true salty dog (dogg ess?).
Quite frankly, I've thought about being a dock girl. I've dreamt this many times throughout my life. What is a dock girl, you ask?
Well. I'd hang out on the docks until I found friends that I really liked, and perhaps a boat that made me smile. Maybe it would be named "The Cosmic Muffin" like in Jimmy Buffet books. I'd hop aboard, and travel on the high seas with them. I'd work, in trade for fishing. Perhaps I'd be the cook, and would proudly serve the most hearty biscuits and gravy, with lots of salt and pepper and garlic and a touch of paprika on top!
Wherever we went, we would stop somewhere exciting. I'd get off the ship and hang out on dock until I found my next cool boat and destination! How fun would that be? I mean... really! Oh, what a book that girl could write!
I can (and will, darnit) write my own book. I feel like I have a good story in me that many people would find interesting.
Somehow, I've escaped the pity party from several losses and scares thru out my life. Instead, I feel quite like JD Salinger's quote.
"I am a kind of paranoid in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy."
I really found that interesting. I do feel quite a lot like that! I love that quote!
I have to find out why he wrote that! From where did it come? At what time in his life? I'll have to do some research, but I love that quote! Perfect! A paranoid person in reverse. Clever!
So, I'm stuck here in Oregon City, trying to get things done. Are they ever done? Complete? Finished? Just as I finish one project, another pops up. Home ownership is keeping me from my river. I have to make a change, somehow. There is no way that I want to die saying, "I'm so glad I kept up on that lawn in Oregon City."
Nope. I want to spend my life on the river. That's what I want to die, saying. "I'm sure glad I spent so much time on the Kilchis river."
But== It's not so simple, really, because my son lives here, and I have been given the unique opportunity to live around and spend so much time with my 25 year old son. I want to say that I spent plenty of time with him!
David is doing so very well! He came through the doors, yesterday from school, stating that he got 95% on a fairly difficult test! I always know he is enjoying his studies and classes, when I don't have to ask how he's doing. He talks a mean streak about the debate they had in class, or the test score he's gotten.
And then, there is his work. He's been asked to wash dishes, instead of make pizza. He didn't like the decision to put him there, but he's done it, and he does it nightly until well past midnight. He doesn't complain, but he sure is tired!
After spending so many years worried about his future, it is a new life, watching him blossom into a responsible, intelligent, busy type guy!
Who is lonely, now, though? Yep. Mom. The house is shockingly quiet most of the time! I'm beginning to understand the flip side of having my son home (to complain about most of the time!) It's a bittersweet pill to swallow, but I know it's best. Oh, I really know it's the best! It's just not always fun for me. I really miss the extra help around the house, and the fun conversation we used to enjoy.
Hopefully, it's off to the river, today.
The river is plotting to make me happy, and so is my son, David! Happy, so that I can be the flip side of a paranoid person.
I'm liking it.

July 17, 2014

I can't help but feel like something is missing, every time I open up my mail application.
Invitations from friends and sponsors to their openings, their brunches, lunches and cocktail parties. Rules of use at the New Product Showcase, news and reviews, and everything that makes up the fun and learning at Icast.
This is the first year that I haven't gone to Icast in... what? 10 years? Has it been that long? I just pulled a number out of my hat. Perhaps it hasn't been that many years, but it sure feels like it. I mean, when was the last time I went to the Outdoor Writers Association of America's annual bash?
That is when Stan Fagerstrom talked me into going to Icast. I couldn't afford both. In fact, I couldn't really afford either, but I felt it important to ifish that I go to one or the other. Turned out that I made more contacts at Icast, than I did at the other. Or did I?
Maybe I just went to Icast most years, because I wanted to hug Stan! Yeah. That's it!
So, I suppose it is in order that I no longer go to Icast, as Stan hasn't been in attendance, the last couple of years. Oh, how I miss that Stan Fagerstrom. He is the warmest, most intelligent fishing fellow in the world! I love him! Stan, the master caster! I'll never forget the first time he had me hold my finger out, and he cast from quite a distance towards my finger, and wrapped that darn line 'round and 'round my long, skinny finger!!
I was simply amazed, and I was hooked not by anything on the end of the line, but by the sparkle in his eyes, and the joy in his smile. He is one of those people that you look at once, and just know that he knows the Lord. He is one that you would say, "I want whatever he's having!"
I miss Stan. :(
I miss Icast.
If only I wouldn't get a bazillion and one e mails from them over the course of every day, I'd probably be alright. But, the ding of my e mail is a constant reminder of what I'm missing!
This year it is in Florida, and probably the main reason I didn't go. I really am not supposed to travel alone, and although I'm pretty much a rule breaker, when it comes to what the doctors say, Florida is a long ways from home, and it does kind of scare me.
When my lung collapsed, should I have been where no man was near me, I'd have been in big trouble. The fact that my innards tend to break down without notice is scary. If it's not one thing broken, it's another. Whether it be my eyesight or my ability to breathe, well, a gal has got to do both, in order to get to a doctor! And I need specialists! Not just doctors! Wherever I go, before I go, I check to see who is around that area, that would know what to do, should anything happen. Marfan specialists are not a common commodity!
"Marfan what?" I recall a doctor once asking me.
"Marfan Syndrome". I said calmly.
I don't know how many people, professionals, and even doctors that I have schooled in the symptoms and even the specialities; (the ability to scratch the middle of my back, or play the piano pretty well with my long fingers!) marfan syndrome.
It always makes me feel good to spread the news, as it is the diagnosis that nixed Isaiah Austin's NBA career that perhaps also saved his life. Isaiah was diagnosed before his aorta had a chance to dissect under the extreme stress of professional basketball playing.
You know, when I first met Stan, I could have called him a bit of a cheater... I have the longest, skinniest fingers of anyone I know. I am an Arachnodactyly perfect candidate for his casting tricks!
Well, it's off to see the weather, today. I guess it's to be not quite as warm as earlier, this week. What a relief! Although the evenings have been incredibly lovely, the day time can really wear on a person!
Enjoy the cool weather, everyone! And I hope that all of you who are able to travel to Icast have a great time! I really hate to break my string of perfect attendance, but I will go, again, some day!

July 13, 2014

Alright! I'm not spoiled, any longer! I'm not! I'm crazy busy. That's a good thing, though. It's the old Ying Yang that it seems my life is an example of. The more Ying, the more Yang!
If it weren't for being crazy busy, I wouldn't appreciate the days of boredom and freedom in my life. The freedom to sit back and smell the river and the roses and the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees. (LOL. That was fun!)
It's "spoochy" outside. Spooky, that is. It's morning, but it is dark and hot and humid. Big drops of rain will be hitting my dusty and bug-stuck windshield. "Bet he won't have the guts to do that again!" My Dad would say that, as a bug smashed into our windshield. I can feel and foresee strikes of lightning and huge thunderous crashes. Yikes! Nothing more refreshing and exciting than a summer storm! A little spooky, but a lot exciting! I love heat lightning!
I've been super intrigued with the weather, lately. -To the point of downloading weather aps and tornado chasing aps. I have always been intrigued with wild weather. I learned most of my clouds when I was in grade school, and I have never forgotten them.
I'm learning new ones, though. Like "mammatus" clouds! They are amazing! Ever seen a mammatus cloud? Google them and then select "images"! They happen after a tornado, many times.
I was never good at geography, and I'm learning more about that, also. Not good with directions. I don't know where East, West, etc., are, ever. Not ever! I'm trying to learn. I got really good grades in school. How did I miss geography?
The other day I was sitting with my radar ap map, and looking at this and that... Trying to learn what states are next to others. Bill was having his five O'clock cocktails, beside me.
I was amazed, as I looked for France. I found it to the left, on my map. "Bill! Do you really have to fly over Russia and ... Iraq to get to France?! I was incredulous. Then, I found it also, and yet closer, to the right! "Bill!" I said excitedly. I found a shorter way! Did you know the world is round!?!"
Yes. I'm that ignorant. Yes, I am. About geography. Uh huh. How can a relatively smart gal not know any geography, and yet get by in life? Of course I knew that the world is round, but I had never really examined it! LOL. I like to laugh at myself. I do! Go ahead. Roll your eyes. I deserve it! I can play the piano better than you, I'd bet!
Plus, I'm intrigued by my ignorance. It gives me opportunity to learn at a time when it's relative to my interests, and thus, receptive.
But-- A month ago or so, the day that the awful Pilger tornado happened, I was listening to the weather forecast, and they forecast heavy storms for that area, that day. So, I took a peek at the radar, and got all excited. That's the day that I had downloaded this storm chaser

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Jennie's Fishing Life, Complete!
I love my life, and it's a pleasure to fish it.
Ifish Jennie on Grant's Getaways

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I'm working with a team of OSU graduate students and Dr. Selina Heppell on a Sea Grant project "Taking stock of Oregon's nearshore fisheries: development of simple assessment tools for better management". We are conducting a survey that will gather local expertise from the fishermen for a Productivity and Susceptibility Analysis (PSA) through and online survey. We are advertising our survey through posters and postcards so the fishermen can go online and answer the survey. We would like to know if we can send you the online postcard with the link to the survey and you could help us distributing it through iFish Read the full story


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Enjoy yourselves, keep your brain active and alive, and I promise you this much; I promise you this one sweet victory over our enemies, over those desk-bound people with their hearts in a safe deposit box and their eyes hypnotized by desk calculators. I promise you this: you will outlive the (bad word edited for this family site!!)."
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